2012 Photo Album

2012 was the year we began traveling. This family photo album hosts the highlights of our first fantastic year.

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  1. Wenatchee, WA (Jan-Feb)

  2. Moses Lake, WA (Feb-June)

  3. Wall Drug, Wall, SD (June)

  4. Walcott, IA (June)

  5. Omaha, NE (June)

  6. Hogle Zoo and Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah (June)

  7. Moses Lake, WA (June-July)

  8. Seattle Space Needle, Seattle, WA (July)

  9. Moses Lake, WA (July)

  10. Lava Hot Springs, ID (July)

  11. Moses Lake, WA (August-September)

  12. Spokane, WA (September)

  13. Haugen, MT (September)

  14. Mount Rushmore, Keystone, SD (September)

  15. Bear World, Rapid City, SD (September)

  16. Wall Drug, Wall, SD (September)

  17. Chippewa Falls, WI (September)

  18. Gresham, WI (September)

  19. Chicago, IL (September)

  20. Columbus, OH (September)

  21. Lexington, KY (October)

  22. Cumming, GA (October)

  23. Pine Mountain, GA (November)

  24. Columbus, GA (November-December)