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Pemberley Mistletoe

Don’t wait until Christmas, Pemberley Mistletoe is a story for readers of all ages at all times of the year.

“... love in colors of red and green, kisses under the mistletoe, and drama ...”

Christmas generally means presents, family, love in colors of red and green, kisses under the mistletoe, and drama; because what is family without some drama?

Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy had enjoyed a fortnight of being totally irresponsible with regards to anything other than matters of the heart, but the honeymoon is over, and Christmas is sneaking up on them. With the assistance of Mrs. Reynolds, Elizabeth decorates the manor and plans for an intimate holiday party of six, but little does she know how upside down those plans will turn when the party ends up with an additional thirteen uninvited guests.

Will Elizabeth Darcy be able to blend the Darcy and Bennet traditions into a holiday that both she and Fitzwilliam can enjoy, and can she do it while so many women are in attendance waiting for her to mess up?

Scent of Desire

Their’s is a time of innocence and carriage rides, when something as simple as a kiss could raise disapproving eyebrows...

Scent of Desire is a captivating and sweet Regency romance that lights up the pages with irrefutable love and unrestrained emotion.

After a tempestuous acquaintance fraught with misconceptions, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy are at last of one mind and heart. Their betrothal is not without its own difficulties, however, and a single misunderstanding may place all of their future happiness in jeopardy.

By bestselling author Emmaline Hoffmeister, Scent of Desire is a Pride and Prejudice expansion chronicling the six-week engagement of one of the world’s most beloved Jane Austen couples.

Threat of Scandal

Love Can Hurt As Well As Heal

In Threat of Scandal, Georgiana Darcy learns how love can hurt as well as heal.

At twenty years of age, Georgiana Darcy embarks on her third season in London hoping to find true love. Things go terribly wrong when she is implicated in a scandalous affair with the Duke of Rothford and, though she is innocent of wrongdoing, London society shuns her and her reputation is in tatters.

For months the Duke has had troubles of his own; the last thing he needs is to be caught up in London’s latest scandal with a perfect stranger. The Duke is an honourable man, however, and does his best to clear their names and restore Georgiana’s reputation.

The Duke’s kindness and attentiveness ignite the kind of love in Georgiana she’s always dreamed of. She knows a peer of the realm could never marry a mere gentleman’s daughter, so she contents herself with simply being near him. But when a new scandal arises, she must leave London and the Duke or risk losing her reputation forever.


Narrow Escape

Shaleslip Manor Book 1

NARROW ESCAPE simmers with secrets and suspense

Matthew Poe is the only witness in a case of murder and corruption in the lead mining industry. After an attempt is made on his life, he seeks refuge at Shaleslip Manor.

Mr. Gregory Royse, bound by honour and duty to his King and country, agrees to take him in, though his presence puts everyone at Shaleslip in danger—including Gregory’s new bride, Marjorie.

When Mr. Poe’s secret is revealed with disastrous consequences, will Gregory succeed in protecting his loved ones and the witness, or will he be forced to choose between family and honour?

In Narrow Escape, Emmaline Hoffmeister masterfully creates a world around Shaleslip Manor electrified with the excitement and intrigue of a riveting suspense story.

"Full of adventure and romance, this story will keep readers wondering who can be trusted and what will happen next." - Singing Librarian Books

"I was hooked from the very beginning!" - NYGIRL

True Lies

Shaleslip Manor Book 2

In the Shaleslip Manor collection, bestselling author Emmaline Hoffmeister continues the story of Gregory and Marjorie Royse.

Immerse yourself in Regency England with these tales of heartbreak, adventure, and romance.

From bestselling author Emmaline Hoffmeister comes the latest in her Shaleslip Manor collection.

Gregory and Marjorie Royse are enjoying another perfect day at Shaleslip Manor when their peace is shattered by the arrival of some unexpected guests. Lady Opale de Dampierre, touring England with her father and fiancé, is beside herself when her dowry is stolen and her father injured in a highway robbery. The battered, shaken travellers take shelter at Shaleslip Manor where Gregory and Marjorie begin to suspect that not all is as it seems.

Dom André, the dashing groom-to-be, appears by turns to be deeply in love with and entirely uninterested in his future wife. Lord Hugo, the lady’s father, is not as concerned as he should be by the loss of his daughter’s fortune, and there is something unusual about the dowry itself. It is up to Gregory and his cousin, Colonel Robert Booth, to unravel these mysteries before the thieves strike again and all of Shaleslip Manor descends into chaos.

In True Lies, Emmaline Hoffmeister continues to explore the enchanting world she first visited in Narrow Escape, creating an atmosphere of romance and intrigue that will make you want to lose yourself in life at Shaleslip Manor and never leave.

"I loved this story. It shows how Marjorie starts to be mature about her role at Shaleslip Manor. The poor Daisy has had more heartache in her short life than a lot of people in a lifetime. You get really involved in finding out how things are going to turn out for her and find out that the blinded one was not the one that couldn't see... A story, and a series worth your time and money." - Teresita García Ruy Sanchez

This story, in some ways, is the best book in the series thus far ...

"Although not as mysterious as the previous two books, this story in some ways is the best book in the series so far. The relationship between Gregory and Marjorie continues to evolve and we were able to see more of the daily complications that would arise on an estate with so many tenants." - Sophie

Burden of Innocence

Shaleslip Manor Book 3

Blind people are not always the ones that can't see ...

In the Shaleslip Manor collection, bestselling author Emmaline Hoffmeister continues the story of Gregory and Marjorie Royse. Immerse yourself in Regency England with these tales of heartbreak, adventure, and romance.

Ghosts from the past keep a family apart in Burden of Innocence, the third installment in Emmaline Hoffmeister’s beloved Shaleslip Manor collection.

While all of Shaleslip Manor is preparing for the annual May Day celebration, tragedy strikes among the tenants. Paul Goss is losing his fight against a mysterious illness and stands at Death’s door. With his blind daughter, Daisy, soon to be orphaned, he makes one last request: Find his estranged reclusive father and bring him home so Daisy will be taken care of.

Marjorie and Gregory rush to his aid, but the far-reaching effects of a thirty-year-old scandal stand in the way of their success. Can they touch the old recluse’s heart and help him see how much Daisy needs him, or will Daisy be left to rely on the charity of strangers?

In Burden of Innocence, the charming denizens of Emmaline Hoffmeister’s Shaleslip Manor learn the importance of family and security in a tale sure to tug at your heartstrings.


The Illegitimate Heir

From bestselling author Emmaline Hoffmeister comes The Illegitimate Heir, the romantic tale of an honourable soldier, a rich beauty, and a vengeful rake…

The younger son of an earl often cannot afford to marry for love, so it is fortunate Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam has fallen in love with Helen Malham, who has both beauty and wealth. Her father, however, will not allow her to marry a man without a title.

When the Prince Regent names Richard the Duke of Blachedone, it is both a blessing and a curse. His newly acquired title means he may marry Helen—assuming she will have him once the truth comes out. He was awarded the dukedom not for his service to the Crown, but because he is the former duke’s illegitimate son, and soon all of London will know.

Mr. Calvin Aldrich is a rake and a blackguard and set to be one of the richest dukes in England … until his uncle is stripped of his titles and possessions while on his deathbed. Bereft of his inheritance, Calvin will stop at nothing to get revenge on his uncle’s illegitimate heir. He will strike at Richard in any way he can, even if it means ruining an innocent woman.

Follow Colonel Fitzwilliam in this brand new novel-length Regency romance packed with beguiling deception and reprisal in this sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Longbourn's Unexpected Matchmaker

Would Pride and Prejudice have been different if Colonel Fitzwilliam had accompanied Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy to Netherfield?

What would have happened if Mr. Darcy made friends with a mysterious member of the Meryton neighborhood who refuses an introduction but who has a close relationship with the Bennet household?

Elizabeth Bennet, the second of five daughters to Mr. Thomas Bennet has caught the attention of the rich and handsome Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy almost from the moment he lays eyes on her, but when he purposefully misinterprets her families expectations of her marrying and slights her in a way unknown to those who have always loved Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, he must leave forever or make amends. Sulking in the library he determined to leave the place and give her up, but is waylaid by a member of the Meryton neighborhood who claims an intimate acquaintance with the Bennet household and offers up advice on how to win her heart.

Longbourn’s Unexpected Matchmaker puts a spin on Pride and Prejudice that no one would ever expect as Colonel Fitzwilliam attends Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy to Netherfield, Elizabeth Bennet is witty enough to detect the motives of Mr. Darcy’s long time enemy Lieutenant Wickham and Georgiana Darcy is bold enough to defy her brother and cousin and comes to Meryton in the midst of a storm. Not to mention Caroline Bingley, Lieutenant Wickham and Lady Catherine are all working against our hero and heroine ever finding their own happily ever after.


Hunted; I Survived

Melanie Wells has a plan. As soon as graduation is over she will move into the perfect apartment, start the perfect job, and launch her perfect career. Everything is falling into place … until one wrong turn shatters her dreams.

After witnessing a drug smuggling operation, Melanie is tortured, shot, and left for dead. Her survival is nothing short of miraculous, but it may not last when the drug cartel finds out she’s still alive and planning to testify against them.

Enter Thane Reeves, sexy as hell Private Security Consultant and former Army Ranger. For years he’s loved Melanie from afar, and now he would risk anything, including his own life, to keep her safe.

Melanie’s plan never included love. If anyone can change her mind it’s Thane. He ignites a passion in her she didn't know she was capable of, but when you’re running for your life it’s easy to fall for your protector. Melanie can’t be sure if her feelings for Thane are real, and with drug lords and contract killers gunning for her, she may not live long enough to find out.