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This site is under construction ... constantly. I swear, some day I will finish my photo albums and get them all on here. In the meantime, I load or change out images periodically. I hope you have fun visiting even if the site seems incomplete ... forever.
For those of you who heard I am republishing my books under my real name you are correct. Expect them this summer.
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A few of my favorite photos:



Do you think we'd get some views on YouTube if we uploaded the video? LOL

April 2020 (Aldrich Age 15)


We'll have fun in the sun ...

Everybody wants some, yeah, yeah!

April 2020 (Darce Age 12)

Darce is THE MAN!

Smallwoods Harvest

May 2019

We did not win, but we gave it our ALL! Daddy is way too strong.